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▶ Vision Zero

Just saying that serious injury and loss of life through traffic violence is unacceptable is not enough.  Vision Zero can only be achieved if there is Safety by Design and transportation infrastructure is engineered to be inherently safe for all road users, including people not in cars (Vulnerable Road Users or VRUs).  Even if someone makes a mistake.

Bloor Street Integrated Project proposes Vision Zero design elements

[Posted: March 27, 2022] ▶ See MCN! Bloor Street webpage for more.

*E IS FOR ENGINEERING*: Further to four (4) prior designs presented at Community Meetings #1 and #2, the Mississauga cycling community was pleasantly surprised at Bloor Street Community Meeting #3 on March 9, 2022!  Alternative #5 is now recommended, and safer by design.

CITY'S PROJECT WEBPAGE: Bloor Street Integrated Project.  NOTE: Slides for Presentation #3 (35p PDF) are posted on the project webpage.

ALTERNATIVE #5: This alternative is designed according to Vision Zero principles (chart, above).  Most of the community's requests were met, per Slide 27 of ▶ MCN! Bloor Street Discussion Paper & Photo Tour.

IMAGE (left): Roadway width will be reduced for narrower traffic lanes (to slow traffic); Intersections will be protected for people on foot or bike; Driveway treatments will keep cyclists and pedestrians safer when crossing; Cycle Tracks are above grade, separated from traffic, uni-directional, and buffered from sidewalks.

PUBLIC FEEDBACK: The commenting period closed April 1, 2022 via a Survey link on the City's BSIP webpage.  As we noted at the time: "It is important for the cycling community to speak up -- when the Report goes to Council, the number and nature of responses is included.  To support safe cycling infrastructure and Vision Zero *Actions* on Bloor Street (image, left), say so!"

Vision Zero in Mississauga - Framework Approved

[Posted: March 27, 2022]

February 2018:  The Motion to Adopt Vision Zero was unanimously approved at Mississauga Council (AGENDA - February 21, 2018).  This, after discussion at the newly-reinstated Road Safety Committee.

▶ Transportation & Works Dept. Corporate Report (February 14, 2017):  The Vision Zero Approach to Road Safety (pp7-20 of the PDF).

▶ City of Mississauga News Release (February 22, 2018):  No Loss of Life is Acceptable - Vision Zero Road Safety Approach Approved by Council.

▶ Mississauga News article (February 22, 2018):  City of Mississauga pushes forward with Vision Zero strategy.