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▶ Culham Trail

This 35-year old trail is a natural hidden gem in Mississauga, enabling residents to enjoy the Credit River from a variety of access points, either by walking, cycling or even skiing along the approximately 13.5 km route.  The trail is named after former City Councillor David J. Culham who spearheaded its creation.  ▶ TRAIL INFORMATION: See Culham Trail posting at Walk and Roll Peel.

EA: Credit River / Culham Trail Erosion Control Project

[Posted: September 7, 2022]

The City of Mississauga is undertaking a Schedule B Class Environmental Assessment Study for erosion control and restoration of the Credit River and Culham Trail from Dundas Street West to Highway 403.  At left: NOTICE OF STUDY COMMENCEMENT (September 7, 2022).

The study area (map) consists primarily of a natural river with segments providing protection for the adjacent Culham Trail by means of armourstone banks, rock vane features and gabion baskets.  These erosion protection measures were originally constructed 20 to 30 years ago with repairs completed over the years for certain areas.

This section of the Credit River and Culham Trail are in need of rehabilitation to remediate existing river erosion, risk to property and infrastructure and improve safety.  Some of the impacts include segments of failed river bank protection, washouts and damage to the trail, valley wall erosion and ice control.

▶ PROJECT WEBPAGE: Credit River Erosion Control Study (source of above information).

New Signage on the the Culham Trail

[Posted: June 25, 2022]

Signage is being installed along Culham Trail to inform trail users of the impending construction work and indicate inaccessible areas.

REPAIR PROJECT: The City has posted a project webpage for Culham Trail surface repairs which states:

"During the project period, the trail will remain open but a 1-kilometre stretch between Burnhamthorpe Road W. and Highway 403 (near Riverwood) will not undergo major repairs.  As a result, certain areas may not be accessible due to possible erosion, flooding and washouts.

"The City will continue to conduct inspections and manage minor repairs, but residents are advised to use at their own risk.

"Culham Trail is open to the public, but trail users should take caution because certain sections may not be accessible for all uses, including bicycles, strollers and wheelchairs."



Rehabilitation needed for the Culham Trail

[Posted: March 14, 2022]

On January 12, 2022, MCN! reps and David Culham met with City Parks staff to review their presentation The Culham Trail (27-slide PDF; December 7, 2021) in response to the Deputation of October 20, 2021 (below).  Reasons and solutions for the degradation of the trail conditions were discussed.  Image (at left) is from Slide 24.

DEPUTATION: October 20, 2021 at Council (GC) Item 6.1. on the Agenda.  Deputation (41-slide PDF) illustrating that cycling the Culham Trail along Credit River is impeded by dangerous surface conditions (Slides 1-9).  Text and photos by Glenn Voakes.

VIDEO: View the Culham Trail Deputation here (04:00-53:00).  Also features commentary on additional cycling infrastructure deficiencies and inconsistencies around the City (Slides 10-41).

ENVIRONMENTAL ASSESSMENT: There will be an Environmental Assessment conducted by the City of Mississauga in Spring 2022.  It is expected the Legacy work to rehabilitate the trail for sustainability long into the future will take up to three (3) years to complete.