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Local volunteers are counting people on bicycles in designated locations around Mississauga for the national Pedal Poll in June.  Mississauga is a focus community, along with 30 other cities.  MCN! is coordinating the local count.

Mississauga featured in 2nd national Pedal Poll

[Posted: March 12, 2022; *Updated* June 18, 2022]

MCN! worked with Vélo Canada Bikes again this year (image), identifying local count locations and helping with promotion and volunteers in Mississauga for the national 2022 Pedal Poll, June 7-12.

*THANK YOU, VOLUNTEERS*: As a Pilot City in 2021 we counted at four (4) designated locations.  We were able to increase this to six (6) locations in 2022 thanks to additional volunteers.  This has enabled us to expand the local dataset and better represent the nature of cycling activity in Mississauga (map of the locations).  Now, all that remains is to be sure to submit the individual data collected!  In a few months, all the collated data from across the country will be made available.  As a Focus Community this year, Mississauga's data will again receive more in-depth analysis.

BACKGROUND: Last year (2021) was just the start of what is planned to be an ongoing annual national bike count.  In 2022 the count will be bigger, with 30 Focus Communities, but will also build on the data of the original 14 focus communities including Mississauga, which will continue to be a big part of it going forward.

Again this year, volunteers stationed across the country will observe cyclists pass by, collecting valuable data on who is biking and where.  Instructions are provided for communities to collect data so it can be compared regionally, nationally, and internationally.

COUNT WEEK: Canada’s 2022 national cyclist count is set for the week of June 7-12, 2022.  Two (2) days within this period are selected locally for the actual count, depending on weather and volunteer availability.

LOCATIONS: Thanks to the many returning volunteers and several new ones, we have been able to add two (2) more locations to the counting schedule!  The City of Mississauga Ward Map has been marked-up (image) with the now-six (6) locations where volunteers will be tracking cycling activity, including places with new cycling infrastructure.


COUNTERPOINT APP: Volunteers will again be using the free CounterPoint App on their smartphones, to log what they observe in real time.  Image (at left) is a smartphone screenshot showing accessible counts done in Mississauga.

The national Pedal Poll in June 2022 will use a customized version of the CounterPoint app specific to the week-long project.  Training videos will be provided for volunteers.
NOTE: Charting counts on paper (see above) is also an option.

"CounterPoint runs on crowdsourcing and citizen science.  Data validity is transparent, simple and comparable with automatic counters.  Anyone can download a spreadsheet with minute-by-minute record of the counts done at any location.  An engineer or planner can verify any of the data easily by simply or doing a count themselves at a similar time – further adding to the history of counts at a given location.  A politician can do the same.  That’s how CounterPoint works – data collection that is open to the community that starts (and often ends) conversations about how our transportation systems are (and should be) working."

Mississauga a Pilot/Focus City in 1st Pedal Poll, 2021

[Posted: March 12, 2022]

The results are in!  Infographics have been prepared for the 14 Focus Communities which took part in the first national bike count in June 2021, including Mississauga (Infographic, left).

MCN! coordinated the local Pedal Poll and was able to count at four (4) locations: Port Credit at the Waterfront Trail, Erin Mills at the Burnhamthorpe Trail, along the Dixie Road MUT and in Meadowvale at Glenn Erin Drive.  We luckily had enough volunteers to cover these locations for all the days of the schedule.

For the week of June 1-6, 2021 over 1,000 volunteers in 68 communities across Canada were out counting cyclists.  This first study designated 14 Focus Communities (including Mississauga) for a more targeted approach, to get a better understanding of what cycling looks like.  Full results of the 2021 Pedal Poll across the country are posted on this webpage.

OPEN DATA: The raw data from Pedal Poll/Sondo Vélo 2021 is also available as Open Data for others to use.  In addition, a Research Paper was submitted for publication: A Community Science Project on Who Cycles in Canada (abstract, with link to 30p PDF).

MISSISSAUGA DATA: At left is the The Mississauga infographic.  Mississauga results are also broken out in charts contained within the Summary Results (5-slide PDF).  Deeper data is contained in a series of charts embedded in the Research Paper.

WHY COUNT? Pedal Poll/Sondo Vélo is about getting a snapshot of who is riding and where.  Volunteers were out counting cyclists and gathering demographic data.  Volunteers captured, when they could, the perceived age, gender, and race of each cyclist.  In doing so, we can now not only see who is out riding but, possibly more importantly, who isn’t riding.  This data will help residents advocate to build better cycling infrastructure in the right place to make sure that everyone can cycle, everywhere, including all parts of our City.