Mississauga Cycling Now!

▶ COVID Bike Lanes

Temporary bike lanes established for active transportation during COVID were to be made permanent: 17.9 km of new separated and on-road bike lanes were promised by the end of 2020, in addition to the CMP program for 2020.  How are we doing?  Not very well.  ▶ See also: CMP Performance; Bike Lanes

Active Transportation COVID-19 Recovery Framework

[Posted: March 19, 2022]

CITY OF MISSISSAUGA - NEWS RELEASE (July 10, 2020): City Adopts New Framework to Keep Pedestrians and Cyclists Moving Safely.  "Starting this summer, the City will introduce more short-term and long-term active transportation options for cyclists and pedestrians that allow for safe physical distancing. Residents can look forward to Quiet Streets that limit vehicle traffic, temporary road closures that provide more space for cyclists and pedestrians and 17.9 km of new separated and on-road bike lanes that will be installed by the end of the year."


Mississauga News (July 22, 2020): ‘We were moving too slow’: Mississauga plans to add over 20 km of bike lanes by end of 2020.

Mississauga News (December 7, 2020): 'There must be a reason': Mississauga to miss 2020 COVID-19 bike lane targets announced in July [2020].  Report shows around 3.5 km of promised 17.9 km bike lanes installed.

ACTIVE TRANSPORTATION QUARTERLY REPORT (January 2022): Only 5km (28%) installed to date.