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No one wants to throw out a perfectly good bike, and even one in rough shape can be used for parts or for training bike mechanics.  When the time does come to part with your faithful wheels (or that bike that's been in the garage for decades), don't just leave it out on the curb hoping someone will see it before the garbage truck picks it up and crushes it!  Be sure your bike will be useful to someone else by taking it to a recycling centre or collection point.  Cycling is good for the environment; double down and donate as well! ♻️

Recycle your Bicycle at a Peel CRC

[Posted: August 14, 2022]

The Region of Peel accepts used bicycles at its Community Recycling Centres (CRCs).  In Mississauga the Battleford or Fewster CRCs are listed on the Region's CRC locations webpage (with maps).

There are guidelines for dropping off bicycles at Peel CRCs in the reuse drop-off area, FREE of charge.

Periodically, various non-profit groups that can use bike donations pick up the available bicycles at a CRC.  Questions?  Call 3-1-1 for the latest information from the Region of Peel.

The GLE Movement distributes used bicycles in Malton

[Posted: August 14, 2022]

Mississauga Cycles

[Posted: August 14, 2022]

TOPCA Painted Bicycle Planters

[Posted: August 14, 2022]

The Town of Port Credit Association began their public art/beautification project in honour of Port Credit's 175th Anniversary in 2010.  TOPCA acquired, painted and displayed several painted bicycles around Port Credit and provided the baskets and flowering plants once City Parks staff performed the physical installations.

TOPCA keeps the project going to this day through ongoing bicycle donations, as new locations are added or if a bike planter needs replacement.  TOPCA volunteers water and maintain the baskets seasonally.

IMAGE: This much-photographed red bike planter at the Port Credit harbour is part of TOPCA's Painted Bike Planters Program and is often seen on Mississauga Tourism brochures and promotional materials issued by the Port Credit BIA.

▶ TOPCA will occasionally accept used bicycle donations suitable for bike planters.  Contact: TOPCA@topca.net