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Who are we?  Former members of the Mississauga Cycling Advisory Committee (MCAC) for the 2015-2019 term, freshly collaborating on Mississauga Cycling Now!  Our objective is to create the digital infrastructure necessary to support and promote citizen cycling advocacy and provide a reference/archive for cycling issues in Mississauga.  While the MCN! website is under construction, released webpages are marked in the drop-down menus with ✴️

Bike Month in the GTHA: June 1 - June 30, 2024

[Posted: June 1, 2024]

It began in Toronto as a Bike to Work Day celebration in 1989 and has evolved to become one of the largest events of its kind in Canada, now celebrated across the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area (GTHA) plus Guelph.  Bike Month brings together families, artists, commuters and community groups to promote cycling at 100's of events all month.

▶  *UPCOMING RIDES*: The MCN! Group Rides webpage contains a current listing of upcoming rides (Slow Rolls, Community Rides and special Tours) organized by local cycling groups or the City or Region.

▶  Weekly Farmers Markets are opening all over Mississauga this month!  View the MCN! Farmers Markets webpage, complete with map links, and celebrate Bike Month with fresh food!

▶  View planned Bike Month events in Peel Region and Mississauga.

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Mississauga featured in 4th national Pedal Poll

[Posted: May 27, 2024]

MCN! is supporting Vélo Canada Bikes again this year, identifying local count locations and helping with promotion and volunteers in Mississauga for the national 2024 Pedal Poll, June 4-9.

▶ SIGN UP HERE for Mississauga.

▶ 2024 EXPLAINER VIDEO (3:07) about counting using the CounterPoint app.

▶ COUNT INSTRUCTIONS (Updated) (9p) with FAQ.

▶ 2024 PAPER COUNT SHEET (1p).

LOCATIONS: The six (6) counting locations chosen for 2023 are being used again in 2024 to provide a continuing picture of cycling in Mississauga.  The City of Mississauga Ward Map has been marked-up (image) with the locations where volunteers will be tracking transportation mode share.

QUESTIONS? Please contact info@misscyclingnow.ca

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Join a Spring Group Ride

[Updated: June 9, 2024]

Slow Rolls, Community Rides and special cycling Tours will be plentiful this Spring, Summer and Autumn in Mississauga and Peel Region.  The Port Credit Slow Roll, Roll Cooksville, Streetsville Slow Roll and Lakeview Slow Rollers group rides have started up again in Spring 2024, as well as the City's Community Rides program.  Also look for special annual rides/tours listed as information received.  Frost Bike Mississauga 🥶 rides will return next winter!

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Bike to a Farmers Market

[Updated: June 12, 2024]

What's more fun than going to a Farmers Market?  Getting there by bike!  The journey is (also) the destination!  Why not try cycling to a weekly Farmers Market in Mississauga:

Port Credit: *NOW OPEN* for the 2024 season
Lakeview: *NOW OPEN* for the 2024 season
Mississauga Downtown: *NOW OPEN* for the 2024 season
Celebration Square: *NOW OPEN* for the 2024 season
Streetsville Summer Market: *CLOSED* for the 2023 season
Malton: *CLOSED* for the 2023 season

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Take a Walking Tour

[Updated: May 21, 2024]

We are all pedestrians the moment our feet touch the ground.  Walking tours are just a slower form of active transportation allowing for up-close examination and understanding of the local environs, including safety (or not) for walking, cycling and other forms of micro-mobility.

PRO TIP: Ride to the event, then walk your bike, using it to catch up with the group if you stop to take photos along the way!

Many annual Walks series will be added as we get them!

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2023 Mississauga Cycling Map

[Posted: August 21, 2023]

Paper copies of the 2023 Mississauga Cycling Map are being distributed to all Mississauga Community Centres and Mississauga Bike Shops and are available FREE.

The digital version of the map on the City's Mississauga Cycling Map webpage enables different online viewing options.  From the same webpage a paper map can be ordered online for free postal delivery 📬

The printed (and online) map images of the cycling routes are larger than in older editions, with north and south Mississauga split between the two sides.

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Council Bike Challenge

[Posted: September 9, 2023; Updated October 30, 2023]

Will three (3) Councillors attend a combination of the three remaining Community Rides for 2023?

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Bloor Street Integrated Project - Alternative #6

[Updated June 28, 2023]

UNFINISHED BUSINESS: Mississauga Council meeting Wed. June 28, 2023 @ 10:00 am.  After deferral on June 7 (below), the Council Agenda - Item 12.1: Unfinished Business, will include further discussion and hopefully a positive decision on the future of the Bloor Street Integrated Project final proposal (Alternative #6).

▶ VIEW the MCN! comment Letter (June 6, 2023) in support of Alternative #6.

▶ VOTE DEFERRAL: At the June 7, 2023 Council (GC) meeting, after considerable discussion, GC moved for Deferral.

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Adaptive & Inclusive Micro-mobility (AIM)

[Updated: June 7, 2023]

MCN! is excited to be participating on the advisory committee for the Adaptive & Inclusive Micro-mobility (AIM) project, to do a pilot research project in Mississauga with community engagement Spring/Summer 2023.

Phase 1 of the AIM project includes dates for in-person and virtual public consultations, engaging with people with disabilities and older adults to study the interests and needs of adaptive micro-mobility.

Phase 1 is funded through a grant by the Port Credit Community Foundation for a six-month period, through the auspices of Access 2 Accessibility (A2A).

NOTE: This project is taking place in Mississauga, but people from outside of this area are welcome to attend the virtual public consultation.

▶ A SURVEY for feedback will be available in a variety of formats for everyone to give their opinion.  Take the Survey online.

If you have comments or questions regarding this project, please reach out to AIM@Access2Accessibility.com.

Learn more about the project on A2A's dedicated AIM webpage.

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2021 Report Card - Cycling Master Plan

[Posted: June 23, 2022; Updated: June 27, 2022]

In 2021, only 0.53km of planned new cycling infrastructure was actually completed, 5% of the target 10.75km, and far short of the 2018 Cycling Master Plan's approved annual target of 18km.  The 2021 Report Card therefore features vaguer elements.

▶ FOR COMPARISON: Take a look at the 2012 Report on the Cycling Plan (6p PDF) which details significant achievements following approval of the original 2010 Cycling Master Plan (120p PDF).

MCN! Comments on the 2021 Report Card:

GREEN BIKE LANE: When the 2021 Report Card infographic was presented publicly to MCAC on June 14, 2022 (Agenda, Item 9.4), Active Transportation (AT) staff indicated that the green bike lane depicted is "conceptual".  This image takes up 50% of the infographic(!) yet it is unclear what it actually represents.  No information value here!

CYCLING EVENTS: Thanks to Port Credit Slow Roll, Roll Cooksville and Streetsville Slow Roll and other volunteer-led rides, there were (37) events, including seven (7) self-guided rides organized by the City.

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$55 Fine for Stopping or Parking in Bicycle Lanes

[Posted on Home Page: May 3, 2022]

STARTING MAY 2022: "Starting in May, drivers will be fined $55 for stopping or parking in bike lanes.  While physically separated bike lanes will be part of major road projects moving forward, these updated by-laws will deter this behaviour on our existing painted bike lanes, where cyclists are most vulnerable.  Enforcement by the City will begin in May.  Proactive enforcement will also occur this spring in locations previously identified by residents and on roads that have vehicle parking and painted bike lanes.  If you see drivers parking or stopping in a bike lane, we encourage you to call 311 so that the location can be flagged for enforcement."  -- Excerpt from City of Mississauga - News Release ⤵️

▶ City of Mississauga - News Release (April 6, 2022): Stopping or Parking in a Mississauga Bike Lane Will Cost You.

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