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▶ Ninth Line

Ninth Line is a high-traffic two-lane north-south arterial road with a posted speed limit of 70 km/hr although higher speeds are observed.  There are no bicycle lanes (painted or otherwise) and many stretches of the road edge have collapsed.  The traffic lanes are very narrow, so transport trucks pass at close range.  Home construction has started just north of Eglinton and the road edge on the east side of Ninth Line is currently covered in mud and debris from the construction.  With no bike lanes, cyclists must enter the middle of the roadway to avoid these hazards.

Ninth Line: Roadway Repairs at 401/407 Overpass

[Posted: May 10, 2022]

Further to the MCN! acticle: Deteriorating Roadway Conditions in early May about road edge crevices and barrels on Ninth Line, as reported to the City a year ago and presented in a visual Deputation at Council (GC) in October 2021, repairs were finally made this past week after contacting the Ward 9 Councillor's office.  Repairs are shown in the (3) updated photos below (provided by Glenn Voakes).

CYCLING?  Even with these repairs, Ninth Line is not a designated cycling route, but improvements are planned that would transform the corridor into a 'Complete Street' with safe cycling infrastucture, per the Corridor Transportation Study completed in June 2021 (article below).

NOTE: The City conducts an annual Spring road repair blitz for potholes, damaged curbs and faded or damaged bike lanes, in addition to street sweeping.  Report road maintenace concerns at any time of year by calling 3-1-1 or by using the FREE Pingstreet mobile app.  Details appear in the MCN! Tweet (May 6, 2022) at left.

▶ City News Release (March 25, 2022): Mississauga Is Getting Ready for Spring.  "As part of the City’s regular road maintenance, crews routinely monitor road conditions and identify areas needing repairs throughout the year."  If they don't, Report it! 📲

IMAGES: Ninth Line at the 401/407 overpass after repair of road edge crevices and removal of barrels.  Images by Glenn Voakes.  L to R:
1) Ninth Line looking northbound, at 401/407 overpass.
2) Ninth Line full view looking northbound, at 401/407 overpass.
3) Ninth Line looking southbound, at 401/407 overpass.

Ninth Line - Deteriorating Roadway Conditions

[Posted: May 4, 2022]

IMAGES: These recent photographs convey the unsafe conditions for cycling that exist on Ninth Line, especially when there is heavy traffic.

⚠️ Left - Debris at the edge (shoulder) of the Ninth Line roadway. Note there is a white painted edge line at the side of the road -- this is not a bike lane marking.

⚠️ Below - Ninth Line southbound showing west edge washouts.  Excerpted from a Deputation at Council (GC): October 20, 2021 - Item 6.1. on the Agenda.  These are slides 40 and 41.

▶ View the entire Deputation (41-slide PDF) illustrating unsafe cycling conditions around the City including the Culham Trail (Slides 1-9).  Text and photos by Glenn Voakes.

Ninth Line Corridor - Transportation Study

[Posted: May 4, 2022]

CITY'S PROJECT WEBPAGE: Ninth Line Class Environmental Assessment Study.  This was a Municipal Class EA Study to investigate transportation improvements along Ninth Line from Eglinton Avenue West to Derry Road West.  The project concluded in 2021, per Notice of Study Completion, June 2021.

The outcomes support a range of transportation modes including walking, cycling, transit and vehicles.  As presented in February 2021, the PIC #2 Display Boards (12p PDF) describe the process to arrive at the preferred design concepts and illustrate the outcomes.

PREFERRED CORRIDOR DESIGN: The Ninth Line Environmental Study Report, June 2021 (157p PDF) finalizes the preferred transportation corridor solution.  ▶ View Exhibit 8-1: Summary of Preferred Alternative Solution on p86.

FUTURE CYCLING INFRASTRUCTURE: Thanks to local advocacy for safe cycling (particularily from the Lisgar Residents Association (LRA), and after a ten-year process including this EA: dedicated, elevated uni-directional cycling lanes will be installed as part of a 'complete street' integrated corridor project (image above) on Ninth Line between Eglinton Avenue West and Derry Road West (map below, excerpted from PIC #2 Display Boards).

Shaping Ninth Line - Mississauga's Northwest Gateway

[Posted: May 4, 2022]

CITY'S PROJECT WEBPAGE: Shaping Ninth Line.  The project concluded in 2018, having created a 'complete community' vision for the future of the City’s Ninth Line Lands, transferred from the Town of Milton to the City of Mississauga in 2010, becoming the final swath of undeveloped land in Mississauga.  Approximately 350 hectares (870 acres) in size, the Ninth Line Lands are located in the northwestern edge of the City.

During the project, policies and a planning framework to guide future growth, development and multi-modal transportation in the area were approved after public consultation.

All the supporting materials and reports are found on the project webpage, including Shaping Ninth Line: Urban Design Guidelines (58p PDF).  Cover shown at left.

▶ View PDC Final Recommendation Report (June 18, 2018) (602p PDF) starting at Page 495 regarding Cycling.

▶ View Shaping Ninth Line interactive MAP featuring layers to illustrate the various characteristics and land use concepts.