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Promoting public engagement opportunities (meetings, surveys, webinars, etc) related to cycling issues.  Advocacy meetings are retained here after they take place if they are linked to/from other MCN! webpages.

November 2022: Bloor Street Integrated Project - Meeting #4

[Updated: Nov 12, 2022]

July 2022: Cycling Survey - City of Mississauga (open until Dec. 30)

[Updated: July 26, 2022]

Thurs. June 30: Lakeshore Bike Lanes, Port Credit - Virtual Town Hall

[Posted: June 21, 2022]

Mon. June 27: Transit & Road Infrastructure Plan - *Comments* deadline

[Posted: June 21, 2022]

Tuesday, June 21: Downtown Movement Plan - *Comments* deadline

[Updated: June 21, 2022]

Friday, June 3: Glen Erin Drive Corridor - *Comments* deadline

[Posted: May 4, 2022; Updated May 18, 2022]

Wednesday, May 25: Major Transit Station Areas - *Comments* deadline

[Posted: April 22, 2022; Updated: May 16, 2022]

Tuesday, May 10: Credit River AT Bridge - Deadline for *SURVEY*

[Posted: April 22, 2022; Updated May 9]

Tuesday, May 10: Dundas Corridor - *Comments* deadline

[Posted: May 3, 2022]

Monday, May 9: Bicycle Parking - Recommendation Report

[Posted: May 4, 2022]

Monday, April 25: School Streets Pilot

[Posted: April 23, 2022]

Bloor Street Project - Public Feedback Closed

BLOOR STREET INTEGRATED PROJECT (BSIP): Community Meeting #3 was held March 9, 2022.

CITY'S PROJECT WEBPAGE: Bloor Street Integrated Project.  NOTE: Slides for Presentation #3 (35p PDF) are posted on the project webpage.

PUBLIC FEEDBACK: The commenting period closed April 1, 2022 via a Survey link on the City's BSIP webpage.  As we noted at the time: "It is important for the cycling community to speak up -- when the Report goes to Council, the number and nature of responses is included.  To support safe cycling infrastructure on Bloor Street, say so!"

ISSUES: Learn more about the issues concerning the proposed plan for bike lanes as part of the Bloor Street Integrated Project in Mississauga: ▶ See MCN! Bloor Street webpage for more.

MCN! DISCUSSION PAPER & PHOTO TOUR: Take a quick look at the present Bloor Street condition (27-slides):